When you are hunting for who leadership should be confide on, you shouldn’t accelerate too much, the one who sway the Emirates Youth through out Five Local Government, Mallam Alaburo Abdulsalam Sheriff is one of those who is exceptionally created for Leadership.

It’s not everyone who knows what Leadership is, some met themselves in culmination unintended but Leadership with spontaneousness with the aid of struggle is what Mallam Alaburo portray, a great minded Man with Cool hearth.

The brain box behind the success of Ilorin Emirate Youth, the one who nurture the benediction of IEIYV, Ilorin Emirate Youth would have been fly with one feather, if not for the competitive Feather entrusted in you sir.

Oga oga, You are such a blessed Man from Heaven, a gentle Soul from the most high, you are so sensitive and Courageous Man, an excellent Man with awesome heart, the blessed man with gorgeous tongue, you are such an handsome Man with shapely face, no one can stand your words when it comes to emotionally bringing down of brain.

Oluaye for the whole Emirate Youth, your sacrifice years back for Emirates Youth is immeasurable, your role as IEIYV President can’t be overemphasize and can’t be shovel away in anyway.

Oga awon Oga, On behalf of IEIYV Executives, we say, as today marked another Meritorious day for you, we pray May Almighty Allah Grant all your desire, may your leadership brain never shatter, all your aim towards the development of IEIYV shall come to pass, you shall continue to grow and glow in Health added with Wealth, May you have a wonderful year.

Thrive as today is another wonderful day sir.

Mallam Jaji Moshood Bolaji
(IEIYV National Secretary)

Engr Ahmed Sodiq Shola
(IEIYV Media Director)

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