Many Has Forgotten Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s Humbleness

Ahmed Habeeb Olayinka
200 Level Student of Law
University of ilorin.

Many Has Forgotten Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s Humbleness

Beyond dubitation, it made a year of the succession and execution of the O TO’GE Movement. Anyone with working and unblemished upstairs need not summon his brain in exposing the success or otherwise of this so called Movement.

It’s my humble view, within this 365 days, that’s it’s pertinent for Kwarans to censure past adminstrations. The reason being that, “The Train of Kwara state has entered into tunnel and the train is not even on a low key but sky rocketing in the air, the same train Past Adminstration don’t even know where the key is”.

By not just mouthing, it’s visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that Kwara state Governor Mallam Abdurahman Abdulrazaq had made some of his campaign promises to come alive. This Governor has broken many records in Kwara State. I can say he is a leader that doesn’t order to work but a LEADER who exerts with his orders.

However, many have been delineating his achievements through infrastructure and other projects, but they left out his humbleness as a Governor. In my humble observation, I was flabbergasted seeing a State governor as humble to the extent of being on a queue. Is he truly the Governor? I was wowed.

The Ó TÓGÉ has indeed installed the exact man. His Excellency is just but a man of honour. I hope Kwarans retrospect all incidence that Governor had paid visit to in Kwara State. They are countless that can never be estimated.

The Kwara State Governor did not issue any statement by ink to condole or commend, rather he has been issuing his own body to those incidences to show the concernment of the State towards her indigenes.

I don’t belong to any political party, however, His Excellency has been attending his party meetings in his way to show how he hasn’t forgotten the LADDER that tolled him in.

His Excellency surprisingly has never being myopic to any of the state indigens. Whatsoever happens under State’s care, be ye high or small, you shall receive his gentle body as your company. Moreso when you welcome his Excellency Company, he has been captured in many scenes on his Kneels as means greetings to his people, without Campaigning! Can this be real? Questions that begs for answers.

To be honest, he will continue portraying the act because humbleness u lies in politics. Why do we forget this? He doesn’t hammer wings to his shoulder, rather, he walks with the humble soul.

I don’t know why many disregarded this priceless humbleness of Mr Governor. Is it not worthy of mention as one of his achievements.

By not embarking on unnecessary journey, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has been furnishing and polishing Kwara state, he has given Kwara a new Life, his achievements fly everywhere in the state, I would have love to mention but the paper would be more than publication.

Many have sketched out Mr Governor achievement, however, I’ll dish out some accolades to His Excellency.

Mallam Abdulrahman the humble man who refused to cut the chain of Salary workers, the Visible Engineer, who devote his works to construct the road,The Professor of Rehabilitation who has been rehabilitating Kwara state schools,The Philanthropist Man who donated his Salaries to fight for his people lives, The Engineer Cum Medical Doctor who Reconstruct and build hospitals for his people lives. Mr Fire fighter who produce Numbered of fire response and equipment to the State Fire Response alongside with the perfect renovation of their head office. Is he not qualify to be called a Liberian ? Who submitted his time in renovating and furnishings the quack State Library. My paper would not withstanding Mr Governor Accolades if I should continue.

Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq Projects and achievements in this 365 days are immeasurable, he devoted his time for making Kwara to work he truly brings the clamouring change, he indeed made the mantra ISÉYÁ exhibit its intent.

However, it’s not that the Governor has work excellently in all aspects, No !, there are still some untouched area which are left for the Governor to be seriously touch and also the touched areas need thousands of it’s like for Kwara state and for the O TÓGÉ to Proudly and boldly say We achieve our aims.

In conclusion I would say, in this 365 days of Oto’ge the Governor had achieved what is supposed to be achieved in 365 days, we don’t know may his Two years will beat what the immidiate past administration failed to do in Eight years and it will be more awesome if the Governor can work harder in killing down the Sixteen years of the Past Administrations.
Oto’ge is indeed a blessing to break bondage in Kwara state.

God bless his Excellency
God bless Kwara State
God bless Nigeria

By Ahmed Habeeb Olayinka
200 Level Student of Law
University of ilorin.

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