The front runner association, Ilorin Emirate integrity youth vanguard(IEIYV) was one of the people who welcome the Chief of Staff, Professor Ibrahim Gambari, the association emphasized that, Professor Gambari is one of the proud of Ilorin, and he keeps their head up.

The Association further state their felicotation with the Muslims UMMAH, which state thus; “Eid Adha is a special favour from Almighty Allah, the act of festivity that Almighty Allah use it’s cloud to test the Faith of every Muslim, HE needs not the meat but the faith in our Hearts”.

“Its pertinent to
*appreciate the effort and the active status of Emir of Ilorin, as he is the backbone who put our Emirate on top of mountain.we pray may He Live long for the Emirates, his Royal Highness, may we celebrate more of *Eid-Adha on surface of Earth.*

To all the Muslims ummah, may we celebrate more of this year on earth, lets remind ourselves to adhere with the Covid-19 protocol during the EID prayer and Durbar at Emir’s palace.


Mallam Alaburo Abdulsalam Sheriff
IEIYV National President

Engr.Ahmed Sodiq Shola
IEIYV Media Director

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